Tommy O Golf

My teaching  philosophy is very simple; 

To play this game at a high level you must give yourself numerous birdie attempts.  The key to numerous birdie attempts is the ability to hit the green in regulation on a frequent basis which is achieved with superior distance control (Yes, that's right, more important than hitting it perfectly straight).

To master distance control you must perfect the width of the bottom of your swing so your club head comes into the ball in the same fashion on a regular basis (this allows one to hit the ball solid with compression at a constant trajectory).  Once shown this you must also be able to detect what is wrong with the width of the bottom on the swing on your own.  The ability to self diagnose is crucial so improvement is continuous (which leads to playing the game at a high level faster).  After achieving this on the practice range you must go to the golf course to test it in a "game time" situation.  

Mastering your game is a constant balance of working on the practice range and then immediately validating that practice range work on the golf course.