Note - The changes you see occurred in a one hour lesson

"Hi Coach Tommy!  I haven't updated you in a while but we had our first tournament of the spring season these past few days in Florida....I have great news!  I have gained 15 to 20 yards with my driver and out drove my whole team and I was outdriving all my opponents.  My iron play is very accurate....I feel very ready for next week in Arizona!"

-Jessica Madry, Bowling Green University Women's Golf Team

"I really appreciate your help bud.  You are a very knowledgeable instructor who knows how to get to the root of the problem quickly and improve the student....Hell, if you can make me better that quick you gotta be good!"

-Ricky Lyons, PGA, Director of Golf, Shadow Hawk Golf Club

"I met Tommy O'Brien 15 years ago at Sam Houston State University where we played golf.  At the time, he had an extreme passion to understand the golf swing that none of us really understood.  After reconnecting with him last year I began taking lessons that ranged from full swing to tips on the short game.  It quickly became apparent that the passion Tommy was chasing in college had blossomed into a wealth of golf knowledge.  I've taken lessons from multiple teachers in my nearly 25 years of golf and none of them had shown the genuine excitement to see their students succeed and understand the golf thoughts Tommy is conveying.  Last year was the best competitive golf I've played in years and I can honestly say I have Tommy to thank."

-Jeff Atkinson, Sam Houston State Men's Golf team, 1997-200​0

"Tommy, I appreicate your time and thoughts so much.  I trust you, and I can't say the same about most pros I run into.  Most don't follow literature of their profession, so when I ask them how they relate their respective frames of reference to the teachings of Jim and Chris, or Jimmy Ballard, or Hogan's Five Fundamentals, or Carl Lohren, or whomever, it becomes apparent they don't know the literarture.  Must be the engineer/researcher in me!"

-Dale Fridley, Engineer and Former College Golfer at Iowa State

Tommy O Golf

"Hi Coach Tommy!  We played in our first stroke play event of this spring in Arizona and I shot my lowest round score so far in college and my lowest three day total.  Everything is paying off! ......Thank you!  I'm excited to be back soon to work on it!"

-Jessica Madry, Bowling Green University Women's Golf Team

"For the first time in my life I enjoyed a round of golf and I feel that I can actually get better; thank you for that.  You should be proud of yourself, you are a credit to your profession and the best teacher I ever met....Again Tommy, you're the greatest" 

 -Dr. Rahul Nath, Peripheral Nerve/ Brachial Plexus Surgeon at Memorial Hermann

Note - These Changes occurred in two 1 hour lessons

Note - The changes you see occurred in a one hour lesson.

"Hi Coach Tommy, I have been working on my swing and practicing everything (I have never hit it better in my life)....We haven't worked together for long but I have been consistently improving every tournament with what I have learned from you so far and I can't wait to see where this will continue to go.  Thank you so much!"

-Jessica Madry, Bowling Green University Women's Golf Team

Note - The changes you see occurred in two 30 minute lessons.