Tommy O Golf

"Since I began working with Jim Hardy ten years ago, I have come to know Tom.  He's a fine gentlemen with a keen eye for golf.  His knowledge of the swing and his ability to interact with his students makes him an ideal instructor......His understanding of the swing and his exposure to playing professionals gives him particular insight into the mechanics of not only the swing but how to play the game.  That kind of knowledge is unique.  Great teachers have that intimate understanding of our game but, they must also be able to communicate to their students.  There is Tom in a nut shell."

-Olin Browne, 2011 US Senior Open Champion

Mr. O'Brien was one of my first certified instructors and has continually shown his enthusiasm and understanding of teaching green reading and has helped grown the game for golfers of all levels.  He has continually throughout my relationship with him exhibited the finest qualities of a PGA Professional and I have received nothing but positive and exemplary testimonials from his students.

-Mark Sweeney, Founder of AimPoint Technologies

"I have known and worked with Tommy for nearly 10 years.  He is warm, friendly, and generous man who happens to also be a gifted and talented instuctor.  Any one luck enough to have a lesson with him will benefit from it and be an improved golfer as a result."

-Jim Hardy, World Golf Hall of Fame for Teachers Inductee

I have known Tom O'Brien Jr. since he was a youngster and I was the Director of Golf at Sweetwater Country club back in the mid 80's.  One of the most rewarding parts of being a PGA golf professional  for me is feeling like you have had a positive influence on other golf professionals and Tom is one of those professionals that I am very proud of.  Over the years I have seen many talented and passionate PGA professionals whose true passion is teaching the game of golf.  Tom is without a doubt one of those professionals.  His passion and love for teaching golf is undeniable and he is extremely good at it.  Tom has built a great teaching resume and is an outstanding ambassador for the South Texas Section of the PGA and the PGA of America.

-Hank Haney, World Golf Hall of Fame for Teachers Inductee