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Congratulations on Winning

2018 Southern Texas PGA

Eastern Chapter Teacher of the Year!!! 

Tom is the only Level 3 Certified AimPoint Instructor in the greater Houston Area.  AimPoint is a new cutting edge way to read greens.  Over the last two years 3 people have risen to #1 in the World Golf Rankings using AimPoint to read greens.  Contact Tom today to schedule a private lesson or to sign up for a clinic!

For more info on scheduling a private lesson with Tom email or Call 832-567-4076

Tom is a Level 2 certified Instructor with Plane Truth Golf.  The main objective of Plane Truth Golf is a "Correct, Repetitive, Impact" through superior diagnosis.   With the ability to correctly diagnose a problematic golf swing comes the advantage of being able to fix anyone's golf swing in "Five Swings or Less"

"It can be that simple...If you want it to be."