I have been teaching professionally since 1999.  In an effort to become an upper echelon teacher I have sought out the knowledge of instructors who have proven they can teach the game at a high level.  

I have had the pleasure of mentoring under Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher Jim Murphy since 1999, 2007 PGA National teacher of the year Jim Hardy since 2004, PGA Touring Pro Stan Utley since 2005, and Mark Sweeney of AimPoint Technologies since 2009.

I have also been fortunate to have access to PGA Touring professionals Tom Byrum and Olin Browne.  By playing golf with them and or walking with them in a practice round before an event I have been able to gain a greater understanding of playing the game at the highest level and how to prepare for a tournament round of golf.  Their insights have been invaluable to me as far as being able to "put it all together" when it counts most.‚Äč

Between the information I have received from these wonderful teachers and players and with the information I have formulated on my own by playing in professional events and through "digging it out of the dirt" on the practice range I feel I can help players of any ability from a total beginner to a seasoned tour pro.

A major key to teaching the game well in my humble opinion is to continue to practice and play the game so I can truly stay in touch with what my students go through on a daily basis.

Tommy O Golf